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About The Site

Here's some information about why this site was started, and why it's about this 7 year old game, and not something new:

Well, I found out about Grim Fandango a few years ago. My friend told me about a great game, which you could get the demo for. So when I got home, I realised that I had the demo for it on a PC Gamer disc. So I installed it, and played it, and I loved it. I liked it so much that I isntantly bought it from the LucasArts company store, and I played it over and over, and told lots of people about it, and looked for websites about it etc.. It was my first real adventure game, and after that I tried others by LucasArts, and loved them too.

I still think Grim Fandango is great. Even though it is growing old, I still love to play it, visit communities about it etc.. So now that I have learnt php and mysql, I decided to make this site. I have two goals for this site:

  • To work on something Grim Fandango related, which is fun, and satisfies my Grim Fandango needs.
  • To let other people know about this great game.
So, I hope you like the site :).