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This page is for all the advertisements of Grim Fandango, and the images and other media that were seen on the internet, but never featured in-game. Our plan is to collect every good piece of media ever released for Grim Fandango. So here they are:

This image shows some of the people of the land of the dead enjoying the festival. It came from the official trailer, but i found this really high quality version lying around on my hard disc. It looks like it was released on the LucasArts site.

This image shows the entire cast of Grim Fandango sitting in some stands. It can be found in the installer. Thanks to Matt for sending this in.

This stand was in a shop as a promotion to sell Grim Fandango when it first came out, and before the shop threw it out, someone got hold of it.


Here are the customers and the waiter of the Blue Casket standing side by side. This image is from the LucasArts official site.

A very nice pre-rendered scene of the Calavera Café. Used with permission from the Grim Fandango Central

This funny animation of the Manny Calavera toy used to appear as the entry screen to the official Grim Fandango website.

A nice Grim Fandango logo from the official site.

Some good views of the main characters of Grim Fandango from the official site. They've all been put into one image for your viewing pleasure ;).

The Grim Fandango CDs. Used with permission from the Grim Fandango Central.

Interesting images which appear on the LucasArts Grim Fandango site.

A high res capture from the trailer of Dom boxing in his office. This footage was never included in game.

Another high res capture from the trailer. This one is part of a movie in the game, but we included it because this is the only place you get a clear view. The in-game video is so compressed, that even if you take a screenshot of the bonewagon as it zooms by, you won't see anything.

Full size mural used for save game progress, extracted with SCUMM Rev

If you have any that isn't featured here, e-mail it to me.