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The Grim Fandango Half-Life 2 Mod Ideas

Here is a collection of ideas for our mod. If you have any additional ideas, please email me with them.


This idea was put forward by ajax_sirius of the forums:

Manny started that underground revolution thing with the guy who sprung him fron Glottis' shack right?

Well why not make the HL2 mod story about the fight against the corrupt D.O.D. and their hitmen? Make it about the revolution.

It would take place while Manny is on his adventures, somewhere between year 1 and year 2?

You wouldn't have to include any of the characters of the characters from the original game (in fact I dont think you should).

And you could invent some wacky objectives.

This seems to be the best idea to base the story around. Our ideas to expand on this are:

The game could be split into four years/parts, like Grim Fandango. You come to the LSA just after Manny leaves El Marrow, while it is still small and the LSA is looking to expand.

You would begin with no weapons in the first part of the game. The first year would be purely for exploring and getting used to the game. There could also be stealth style missions, such as sneaking into the Department of Death and stealing something from Don's office. As the years progressed the LSA would expand, and the player will begin to recieve more weapons, and the challenges will become increasingly harder.

Some locations would be farmiliar from the game (such as, obviously, the LSA bases in years 1 and 4), but others may be unseen and original locations.

Although, we still need a name for the mod. The best we have so far is "Viva la Revolution"...


Throughout the game you will come across a range of Grim Fandango style weapons. Here are some ideas:

  • Scythe - powerful but slow to handle
  • Dagger - not as powerful as the scythe, but easy to handle

  • Sproutella pistol (similar to Hector's from when he shoots Don) - cheap, easy to get hold of, but not very poweful
  • Sproutella rifle - fires a high number of shots in a short amount of time, but expensive and has a lot of recoil - good for close range combat
  • Sproutella RPG - a rocket launcher which fires extremely powerful rockets that will cause an explosion with a lot of damage and is magnetised to metallic objects, but expensive, slow to fire and reload.
  • Sproutella sniper rifle - an extremely powerful rifle which comes with a scope, and is extremely accurate - one shot with this will kill, but it is extremely expensive and takes a long time to reload.

  • Grenade - causes an explosion which will seriously harm anyone nearby.