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Officially Translated Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango has been officially translated into quite a few languages, and is sold in local shops. An example of this is the French version (Thanks for Clemspaw for the following screenshots and all of the following information on the French version, and thanks to Yohein for the information and screenshots on the Spanish version):

The translated French version contains voice acting, and is very correctly translated. While many of the voice actors differ from the English version, there are still certain characters who have the same voice actor in the French and english versions, such as Olivia. There are however some differences in the characters - for example, the croupier has a french accent in the english version, but in the french version of the game, he has an english accent.

The Spanish version, as the French version, includes voice acting. Grim Fandango's Spanish dubbing is, in general, considered one of the best video game's dubbings ever made in Spain. Unfortunately, even if the acting is great, the translation isn't that good. Certain phrases sound too literal, and others have no sense at all.

In order to keep the Mexican style in the game, as they couldn't use Spanish words to show this, a few characters have Mexican or Argentinian accent. These characters are: Domino Hurley, Salvador Limones, Chowchilla Charlie, Olivia and Chepito."

Fan Translated Grim Fandango

Despite the fact that Grim Fandango has been officially translated into quite a few languages, there are still many languages which Grim Fandango has not been translated into. One of these languages is Chinese.

Silverblue of has recently informed us of the project he is working on to create a Chinese version of Grim Fandango. He and a team of other Grim Fandango fans are working on modifying the game files so that every line of dialogue and piece of text is in Chinese.

Here are some screenshots of their current progress:

Chinese GF Chinese GF Chinese GF Chinese GF Chinese GF Chinese GF

It's more work than would first be imagined, because the original Grim Fandango font doesn't support Chinese characters, but Silverblue and his team have successfully added in a Chinese supporting font.

Their progress is currently around 10% (as of July 2005), because translating all of the games content is a very long process. It can't be done with a simple online translator, becuase then some meaning in the dialogue would be lost.